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Forget Chocolate: Valentine's Day Guide

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
January 30, 2017
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February is upon us, which means Valentine’s day is coming up fast. For those who celebrate this Hallmark holiday, coming up with the perfect gift to show someone you care can be a very tiring process. We just made it easy for you - here are our top picks for the gift to show your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend with benefits, or yourself how much you care.

Club Grunt Style Membership

What better than to give the gift that keeps on giving! A Club Grunt Style membership is the perfect gift for the badass, beer-drinking, bacon-eating, Freedom-loving American, who has pride in him or herself, in military, and in country. You can join today for $1 and $20 a month there-after, or save $24 a year by becoming an Annual Member.

Club Member Perks: Free Shipping FOR LIFE on ALL GruntStyle.com orders (while an active member), Entered into ALL Giveaways, Exclusive Shirts, Club Only Store Access, Club Perks Program (discounts at some of our favorite businesses, all of the below listed businesses included), Special Discounts and Deals, and more to come!

Badass Beard Care

For the heavily bearded, manly man in your life; Badass Beard Care, a Veteran Owned company, is the way to go. They have everything from beard oils, balms, waxes, to multivitamins, which make the perfect gift for your man crush to tame his man mane.

Counter Strike Coffee

Yet another Veteran Owned and Operated company that we love! Help your loved one strike back at sleepiness and fatigue with a hot cup of Counter Strike Coffee. With great flavors like, Fire Watch, Napalm, Smooth Operator, Never Quit and more, this is the coffee for a true American Infidel.

Sky Shark

Home of the Paratrooper Poptop, Good for opening your parachute but GREAT for opening your beer. These Veterans have come up with a one of a kind bottle opener. Whether you are still jumping, or have never jumped, these Paratrooper Pop-Tops are fully functioning universal static line snap hook bottle openers great for the daredevil in your life. Each Pop-Top ships in it’s own slip on silk bag made from retired parachutes.

Military Luggage

These guys know gear! What better place to get the gear junkie in your life than at Military Luggage. These guys are more passionate about gear than anyone we know. Bags, Packs, & Cases perfect for that special someone.

Dynamic Force Technologies

Who wouldn’t love a new holster or magazine carrier for Valentine’s Day? You can never have enough concealment gear. Dynamic Force Technologies products are 100% made in the USA and make the perfect gift for any gun enthusiast.

Range Day - Delta Arsenal

There is no better way to get to your crush’s heart, than with a Range Day Date. This Veteran Owned and Operated indoor shooting range with certified gunsmiths, is the perfect place to take that special someone.

Nickel and Lace

Discreet, comfortable, lightweight, consistent draw concealed carry holsters for the lucky lady in your life. Nickel and lace holsters provides all the benefits of your favorite bodywear with a built in holster. It is Shapewear meets protection.

Tactical Shit

Perfect for anyone who enjoys tactical gear and shooting accessories. From plate carriers to gun parts, to metal shooting targets and so much more, Tactical Shit is the perfect spot to get the right shit, for when the shit hits the fan.

Battle Mugs

Aside from being 100% Made in the USA and Veteran Owned, these Military inspired mugs are perfect for the hardcore American patriot. For Him: ALL THE MUGS. For Her: The Freedom Bomb M302 Mortar round wine glass is perfect for the wife, girlfriend or both (AND ALL THE MUGS).

Remember ALL Club Grunt Style Members get discounts at all the businesses listed above! USE CODE " AGRIT10 " to get 10% off club membership.

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