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Helicopter Showdown

Active Military
Active Military
January 8, 2018
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The helicopter showdown may be more of a branch versus branch kind of thing and we're obviously a little bit biased towards the best branch of the military (cough Marine Corps, cough). These two helicopters we're going to be comparing today have been mainstays of each branch for quite some time and have built up several battle-tested resumes. Ladies and gentlemen, warriors of all ages and branches, we present to you a comparison between the AH-64 Apache and the AH-1 Super Cobra.The Apache is the newcomer and sports better base technology. However, due to several upgrades, both attack helicopters are pretty similar in avionics and electronics by now. This comparison is going to come down to the mission of each.

helicopter showdown

The Super Cobra made its name slaying bodies as a close air support helicopter during the Vietnam War. It excels at this mission. For years infantry Marines have enjoyed having skilled close air support from other Marines riding in these sky chariots of death and destruction. Marines are picky, and while the grunts will take whatever air support they are given, it's always nice to know it's another Marine watching out for you.The Apache is a bonafide tank killer. While it certainly can do the job of close air support extremely well, it is outfitted to kill enemy armor. During the first Gulf War, AH-64 Apache gunships engaged the Iraqi Republican Guards 1st Armored Division Hammurabi on Highway 8 on their retreat from Kuwait. The Apache's devastated the division destroying literally tons of equipment and killing many more.

Helicopter Showdown

The verdict in this helicopter showdown, is a draw. The Apache is great at destroying enemy armor and is, therefore, a gigantic force multiplier and gives it a huge advantage. The Super Cobra on the has longevity on the Apache and still kicks ass in its specific mission supporting dismounted forces. Both helicopters are super agile, armed to the teeth and deadly.

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