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Intense First-Person Video Shows Dangerous Life in Trenches WWI

Active Military
Active Military
July 26, 2017
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For the soldiers in the trenches of World War I, safety from artillery came from lines of trenches and a network of tunnels to keep the ever-present artillery off their heads. But sometimes the very fortifications that served to protect them, were just as life threatening as the incessant bombardment.That was the reality for the countless men and some children who were assigned to fight in the trenches of WWI.With all those thousands of miles of trenches, both sides of the fight faced overwhelming odds and challenges like flooding, disease-carrying rats, malnourishment, and the constant mental strains of battle fatigue.In many areas, the zig-zag trench construction placed the opposing forces as little as 50 yards away from one another, making it extremely difficult to watch the enemies’ activity while peering over the trench’s wall without the taking an incoming shot.[caption id="attachment_12920" align="aligncenter" width="800"]

A soldier uses a periscope to search for enemy combatants. (Source: Imperial War Museum)[/caption]Since trenches had little overhead coverage, artillery shells frequently landed inside the emplacements. The distinct whistle of an incoming artillery round gave troopers just a few seconds to seek cover.At a moment’s notice, the troops who occupied those trenches had to be prepared to defend themselves or leap out and race across No Man’s Land.This was the dangerous area in between the enemy fronts which was covered with razor sharp barbed wire and plenty of enemy land mines.Check out SOZO 3D‘s first-person WWI reenactment video below to witness what it was like to charge the battlefield from the trenches.PUT ON YOUR HEADPHONES AND TURN YOUR VOLUME UP! from We Are The Mighty:

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