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Marines 4/2

Active Military
Active Military
January 15, 2018
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This poem is entitled "Marines" and was written by 4th Grader, Jacob M. Garver. Sharing this today with you all is a great honor for me. A Marine I served with is currently a teacher in the state of Washington, inspiring and engaging young minds with the unique blend of Marine Corps toughness and the love of a father. The unit they are currently learning in this 4th-grade class is poetry. One of the children in the class had a grandfather who is a Vietnam era Marine. This young man wrote a poem in which he pays tribute to his grandfather and all Marines. With his parents' permission and blessing, we are sharing this poem to honor and encourage this young man along his educational journey. Thank you all for reading, enjoy.- John Fannin, Deputy Editor American Grit


They fight

Risking their life

Not for money

or themselves

For us

For freedom

Oh, the horrors they face

They are heros

They are Marines

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