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Mother's Day Gifts: Expressing Gratitude

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Mammoth Sniper Challenge
May 3, 2017
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With Mother's Day fast approaching, now is the time to plan your gift. Whether or not you proudly wear the title "mamma's boy", you know that your mother deserves a thoughtful gift. The kind of gift you obviously didn't buy a few minutes ago from the grocery store on the way to the family dinner you almost completely forgot. She deserves a gift that shows thoughtfulness and a bit of planning as an expression of your love and gratitude for her. I could fill an article with cliches about how we wouldn't be where we are without our moms and there's no love as deep as a mother's love. But I don't need to. We all know how special our moms are. Now it is time to get her a gift to let her know.

mother's day frame

A Family Photo Set in a Stunning Frame

Let your family's smiling faces be set against a gorgeous photo frame for this heartwarming gift. You can use a photograph of you and your siblings from childhood for some extra nostalgia. Mom will love setting up the photo and smile every time she passes it. Or if you want to make the gift even more personalized, you can use a landscape photograph or a solid color background and get family members to write special notes on it.

A Class Subscription

Mom will be delighted to find out you've paid for her to take a class in a new skill or hobby. Maybe it's a dance class membership, Krav Maga, advanced painting, whatever you think she would want to learn. This gift not only gives her the opportunity to learn something new, it's a way to show you really support her in her learning journey.

Write Situation Based Letters

This thoughtful gift takes some planning, but it is a gift that keeps on giving. Create a collection of letters for different scenarios and write "read me when..." on the envelope. For example, read me when you miss me, read me when you need a laugh, read me when you need encouragement, and so on. The notes do not need to be long letters full of flowery words and sentiment (though if that is your style, more power to you). A simple note with some sweet words or a fun memory can be enough to brighten mom's day. You can package the letters in a beautiful box or wrap them in a beautiful ribbon for a nice added touch.

mother's day massage

Buy a Mother's Day Massage

Without a doubt, mother's work hard. More often than not, everyone else's needs come before their own. Moms can find it hard to take time just for themselves, which is why a Mother's Day massage makes such a great gift. Lovingly force your mom to go out and take time just for herself in a soothing atmosphere. Give her the gift that every mother needs: the gift of relaxation.

A Book She Can't Wait to Begin Reading

Surprise mom with a book she's been dying to start or one that she's never heard of but instantly falls in love with. A book is a great present because it shows you know the person well. You need to know what types of books she likes and what her interests are in order to find a book she wants to read. Show her you know her with a book she will be dying to start reading later that day.

A Journal

A journal is a gift with meaning. A journal says, "I value your thoughts and think what you have to say is worth writing about." For the contemplative mother, get her a leather bound journal. For the organized mom, get her a bullet journal. For the artistic mom, get her a blank pad for doodling.

mother's day oils

Essential Oils

You may not know what these are, but essential oils are a commonly loved item for many women. Essential oils are liquids made up of the aromatic properties of plants, like lavender and mint. Depending on the scent, they can make you more relaxed, more energetic, more focused, etc. They are like a spa day in a bottle. You can use them to freshen up rooms and affect your mood. Buy a few scents for your mother as a little self-care kit.

A Donation to Her Favorite Charity

When you ask mom, "What do you want for mother's day?" does she reply with "Oh, I don't need anything sweetie. Just time with my family is enough"? This response is not an excuse for you to not get her a gift! If mom really does not want a physical gift, you can still honor her on her special day by donating to her favorite charity.

mother's day breakfast

Breakfast in Bed

This Mother's Day present is a staple - for good reason! This gift helps mom start the day off right, with some much-deserved pampering from her favorite people. Bring mom a homemade meal of her choice if your cooking skills are up to par. If not, a toaster strudel delivers the deliciousness of breakfast without much room for messing it up.

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