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Providing for Ourselves

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
August 23, 2018
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Hunters have existed on this Earth since the dawn of time. Hunting has changed quite a bit since those days, but the traditions have lasted. It is a right of passage, a bonding experience, and an excellent teacher when it comes to patience and skill. In the woods, in the forest, in the jungle, it truly is man versus nature and our deadliest weapon is put to the test. Our minds work to outsmart predator and prey alike.Whether we hunt the coastal plains of Texas, the mountains of Tennessee, or the frigid tundra of Alaska, hunting deer, elk or bear, all hunters are bound together by one unifying idea. They can provide for themselves. With the great bounty the lands have provided, there is more than enough to feed and clothe our families. We are providing for ourselves. Sometimes with a bow, sometimes with a gun, but always providing.As we look back at the history of our nation, those who founded this great land, every one of them, even the women could hunt, clean and cook, as we made our way westward.Things are different now. We can find meat of any type in a grocery store. We can get exotic meats at a fancy burger restaurant. But...it isn't the same, is it?

Providing for ourselves

Somehow that which we've hunted, that which we've put in the effort, the time, the patience and the skill to earn always tastes a little bit better. Well...a lot better actually. Something about the meat you've hunted just has a special flavor that you can't get at any old store. We're proud to keep this tradition going for our sons and daughters, so they too learn to love the outdoors.Celebrate our heritage, remember where we came from and what built this nation. Providing for ourselves like our ancestors long forgotten, with a tradition we'll never forget.

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