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Heartwarming Soldier-Dog Reunions

Active Military
Active Military
May 4, 2017
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The bond between man and dog is a strong one - one that stands true against the test of time. Our dogs lavish us with love when we are around and sulk around when we are absent. Coming home after a rough day to a bouncing ball of fur is uplifting. Coming home after a deployment to an overjoyed best friend is absolutely heartwarming (and sometimes tear jerking). These videos below capture the moment when dogs and their soldier parents meet again after months apart. Try to make it through without tearing up. I know I couldn't.

The Best Game of Fetch

This adorable German Shepard is playing what he thinks is a normal game of fetch in the backyard. He goes off to fetch the ball, completely oblivious to the fact his owner has returned. He brings back the ball and takes a bit to realize that there is a happy surprise standing on the back porch waiting for him.

A New Family Reunited

This video shows the reunion after the first deployment experience for the two dogs. The couple had recently adopted the Golden Doodle puppy, who was only four months old when the soldier left. The couple was not sure if the puppy would remember him since he was so young and had spent a small amount of time with him. But watching this video you can easily tell the puppy absolutely remembered him.


Dog Sprints Away Her Excitement

U.S. Marine Beau returned home after being gone for over a year. His mom began preparing for his return about a month before his arrival, which she says caused Callie to grow suspicious. When Beau finally returns, Callie is too excited to know what to do and sprints around the backyard in circles.

The Sweetest Game of Hide and Seek

In the cutest game of hide and seek, this soldier hides under a blanket in the couch waiting for his pal to come find him. The dog wags his tail and runs around the house before investigating the couch. The soldier removes the blanket to get smothered with hugs and kisses.

Mom Surprises Dogs at Daycare

These dogs think they are enjoying another normal day at dog daycare. Little do they know their mom is back from sixth months in Afghanistan ready to surprise them.

A Hotel Room Surprise

This U.S. Marine makes a surprise visit to the hotel room to visit Rocky, his enthusiastic Siberian Husky who twirls around unable to contain his excitement.

Dog Leaps Out of Truck to See Dad

Watch this adorable pup leap out of the back of the car truck when he spots daddy in the parking lot.

New Family Dog Overjoyed at Son's Return

US Airman Matthew was very close to the beloved family dog Tucker. Sadly, Tucker passed away while Matthew was away in basic. The family eventually decided to adopt a new puppy named Ace. Matthew and Ace enjoyed a few weeks together while Matthew was home on leave, but then Matthew left for Kuwait for sixth months. The family wondered if Ace would even remember Matthew, since they only had a few weeks together, but it is clear by his reaction he did.Did you make it through without a tear in your eye? No shame if you didn't, these videos pull at our heartstrings with a ferocious tug. Watching these heartwarming reunions, there is no doubt about it. Dogs really are man's best friend.

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