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Spencer Boyd's Texas Motor Speedway Redemption

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
April 10, 2018
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Spencer Boyd pulled through a gritty race this past Saturday that saw teams dropping left and right. Not just three laps in and the yellow flag was billowing in the wind after Chad Finchum spun around. Not soon after the yellow flag came flying out again as the number 01 car of Vinnie Miller hit the wall and the number 42 car, Jamie McMurray, spun out as well.The Grunt Style car was damaged, but just like the name entails, that's not going to stop Spencer and the Grunt Style Chevrolet, the pit crew had the car readjusted and fixed before the next stage of the race. To credit Spencer alone with this impressive showing would be a massive disservice to the pit crew who worked smoothly and flawlessly to get Spencer fixed and set after each pit stop. Fluid, effortless, consistency were the most appropriate descriptors regarding the Boyd pit crew.This race was a true test for Boyd as he had to maneuver through three spinning cars and avoid all of the carnage that wrecked so many other cars and forced them to retire from the race. While everyone else was careening into each other and walls, Spencer Boyd expertly maneuvered past all danger, only receiving that slight bit of damage from earlier in the race.

Spencer Boyd

Earning a top 25 finish through all the cautions was the Grunt Style number 76 Chevrolet. With the disappointment from Las Vegas still fresh on the mind of the team, this showing at the Texas Motor Speedway was just what the entire crew needed to bounce back. Things will happen to cars, machines will break down, however this Top 25 finish from Spencer shows that the team from pit to driver's seat is strong and united. They just keep getting better and whatever setbacks they have seem to only make them better the following race.All in all it was a strong finish and proof that more good is to come from this up and coming young driver.

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