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Follow Me: Veterans Fight to Save The Call of the Wild

July 11, 2023
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The military failed you. 


It successfully ruined one of the coolest things you did as a kid (camping) and turned it to a soul-sucking gauntlet.


However, there is a group of Veterans out there seeking to rekindle the love of the great outdoors, and they want you to join them. 


Do you ever daydream about SCUBA diving shipwrecks, or dog sledding under the Northern Lights? What about sky diving over turquoise water, or waking up in the woods without a Sergeant screaming for no reason? If so, the Veteran Outdoor Alliance is your new best friend. 


Their mission is to empower Veterans to reclaim an adventurous life, through comradery, training, resources, and education. Whatever adventure you want to experience, chances are they have done it, or are best friends with someone who has.


Founded by combat Veterans, Veteran Outdoor Alliance knows exactly what struggles you face trying to break out of the post-service rut, and how to get you back to climbing mountains and slaying dragons.


A certified 501(c)(3), they specialize in helping Vets find balance in their life and center the mind, body, and spirit through immersion in the great outdoors.


In addition to their wellness programs, they also host environmental cleanups, to protect the lands you swore to defend.


Life is stressful, even after service. This group of Veterans is fighting for their community and revitalizing the “call of the wild” so many had ground out by tedious and rigid field ops. 

As someone who has been to 28 countries, and hiked mountains on 5 continents, I can tell you there is never a “good time” to do something adventurous. You just have to push through, and march forward. Like a long hike, the journey begins with one step. So, if you are looking for a group of like-minded individuals who will encourage you to succeed, your first step is reaching out to VOA. Cheers. 

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