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Spring: The Unpredictable Season

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
March 20, 2018
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Ahhh the nice warm Spring weather has arrived. Everywhere you look, there are folks in shorts and flip-flops sipping cold beers and frozen margaritas on the patio of restaurants. Spring is here! What's that? The northern states are getting slammed with another snow storm and super wintery weather? That can't possibly be true...Okay we looked it up and for many of you northern folks, we feel for you, it's really nice in South Texas right now. Don't get us wrong it still gets kind of chilly every now and again, for instance, today, the high is in the low 70's. Might have to switch to sneakers instead of flip-flops today. Tomorrow though, it should warm right back up to a nice 80 degrees. What did you guys do up north to piss off Mother Nature?Toby, the fourth Nor'Easter this month, is scheduled to absolutely wreak havoc on the New England and...well pretty much the whole northeast coast. Y'all are going to get slammed with snow, and coastal flooding. Its times like these that make us look to the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists who believe the government controls the weather, and for a split second give them some credence. Honestly, with the hurricanes of last summer and the storms currently plaguing the northeast, it makes us wonder whether Geostorm was a movie or a documentary.

Spring is here

Folks, please be safe, while your cities get frozen. Or if you'd rather, come down and visit us in the beautiful southern states, but only visit. Don't move here, we don't need you bringing your wintery wrath to stay. Flip-flops are comfortable and we can't have the weather getting below 60 degrees for too long or our cities absolutely shut down. Remember it snowed in San Antonio before it snowed in Chicago this year and we almost all died. All of US ALMOST DIED!Spring is here, but only for the southern states.

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