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Tank Warfare of the Future

Active Military
Active Military
November 7, 2017
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Tank warfare has entered a new era. What started out as just a hunk of metal with machine guns bustling from every angle has evolved and transformed into the ultimate weapon of war.The M1A2 SEP V. 3 Abrams main battle tank is a force to be reckoned with, even when accounting for the newest Russian tank the “Armata”. Tanks have moved away from the original machine gun concept now featuring extremely large smooth bore cannons boasting impressive ranges and accuracy on the fly.Fighting and winning the tank battle is not just about hits, but also survivability. The inevitable truth is that some of your tanks are going to take hits. The increased survivability of the new Abrams tank increases the odds of continuing the fight even when you’ve taken a hit.We’ve entered an age of lasers and stealth. It won’t be long before tanks are being fitted the same way naval vessels and aircraft are to adapt to the changing battlefield. Right now even though the technology is large and cumbersome the Navy has a working electromagnetic rail gun. Make no mistake this technology will make leaps just like computers did. Not too long ago computers took up entire rooms, now we have more computing power and processing speed in our cell phones than what put a man on the moon.With all these technologies we may soon see the behemoth tank go the way of the battleship in favor of a newer breed of tank warfare. Incorporating stealth technology allows the tank to shed some of the heavy armor plating and become much more maneuverable. Maneuver warfare is always king, outmaneuver your opponents and take away his advantages. Patton used to say “A good plan executed violently now, is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” Executing a plan violently requires the fast mobilization and positioning of your tanks. Having a lighter, faster and harder to detect tank makes this type successful maneuver warfare much easier.

Lasers. The ability of a tank to generate its own ammo means it’s never out of the fight. As long as the engine runs so do the guns. As stated in previous paragraphs, the Navy has already developed laser technology that can shoot down drones and missiles. How long before the technology is ready for application on a main battle tank. Whenever it does, please sign us up, we want to shoot shit with lasers too! In addition to this, the decreased weight of carrying your own ammo gives another mobility boost making the future of our tank warfare looking a lot like what we see on the Sci-Fi channel.Just like we’re sure the Wright brothers never imagined we’d have thrust vectoring, we’re sure Lancelot de Mole never thought we’d have a laser stealth tank, but technology always makes a way, especially with tank warfare. One thing is certain as Heinz Guderian so prophetically spoke, “If tanks the tanks succeed, then victory follows.”

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