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Toughest Shooting Competition Yet

Active Military
Active Military
January 9, 2018
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Shooters, have we got a competition for you. This is by far the toughest shooting competition to date. The Bushnell Elite Tactical Sniper Challenge at the Clinton House (not those Clinton's calm down) by Rock Solid Shooting Solutions, February 16th-18th is by far the most taxing shooting competition we've seen yet.Take all of the elements of the PRS except now you have a team of two guys, just like in the real world, spotter/shooter and vice versa. These two-man teams will be competing in not only long-distance shooting but the pistol as well. Think of the pistol shooting as your "Oh shit scenario!" We now have four guns and two guys per team. What separates this challenge from many others are the divisions.

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP) Division: Will camp out along the course and hike entire course and shoot at all stations.Trooper Division: Will hike all 30 miles and shoot at all stations, but can return to hotel each eveningMechanized Division: Will drive everywhere, but shoot at all stations.While the match is open to civilians, the nature of the course is intended to bring out the best among snipers in our military and law enforcement community. In a time where every action is put under a microscope, precise, surgical shooting is an extremely powerful force multiplier, whether on the battlefield or in urban terrain. This shooting competition has several elite teams from federal agencies and tested combat units already signed up. If you want to test your mettle against the very best in the world, this is your chance.

The added benefit of this conference/competition is the amount of knowledge gained. Certainly, you are skilled in your craft, but maybe someone out there has a technique that will bring you to the next level, maybe you have that technique and would like to share it because after all, we're all on the same team. Rock Solid Shooting Solutions, has put together an extremely challenging, but fun course, including several prizes for the top finishers, including items like; Bushnell XRS 2, Kestrel Rangefinder Combo, (2) TIKKA Tac A1 rifles, (2) Beretta APX pistols and several more. With the following list of sponsors, you know this competition is legitimate, they don't attach their name to just any ol' competition!BushnellBeretta USASierra BulletsArrow-DynamicsHuber ConceptsMicrotech KnivesKestrel BallisticsModern Spartan SystemsCactus Creek CoffeeBest TargetsGrunt StyleHell on SteelArmageddon GearMPAAlpha MunitionsThunder Beast Arms Corp.Kahntrol SolutionsCarolina Razorback OutfittersApplied BallisticsHawk Hill CustomsW.A.R RiflesAccurate Ordinance

The top finishers in military and law enforcement will be able to take with them championship cups, which will have their names engraved on them and follow that team to the next event. Don't wait, have your command or agency send you and your shooter/spotter to this event to represent what you do best. Click here to sign up for the Bushnell Elite Tactical Sniper Challenge at the Clinton House today! For rules on check out Rock Solid Shooting Solutions webpage

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