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Valentine's Day Dos and Don'ts

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
January 24, 2018
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Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year. Valentine's Day is looming in the distance and if you haven't planned out what you're going to do for your special someone yet, you're probably too late. However, we've compiled a list of things you should and should not be doing for Valentine's Day just in time for you to possibly save your bacon, and your love life (they always throw out the bacon first, WHY?)Tip number one. Don't procrastinate. Yes, the holiday season is hectic and yes you just spent an enormous amount of cash on Christmas presents and holiday eating. That doesn't mean you get a free pass to blow off Valentines Day. Do plan ahead! Remember the seven "p" rule, proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance. Plan something, do it in advance or you're going to be sorry.Carrying on with planning, don't plan something that isn't special. You know your partner better than we do and so maybe a nice quiet planned night in is special, but only you will know. Do make it a thoughtful gesture. Things don't always have to be expensive for it to be a wonderful experience. People get a lot of points for trying. They like to know that they are worth the effort.

Valentine's Day

Do not post about your special Valentine's Day on Facebook for all to see. It's for you and your special someone (plus it makes all of us single folks cry about our loneliness). Do go out of your way to disconnect from your phone and social media for a night. We're always going, with our phones attached to our hips.Last but not least, don't blow this off. Yes, it's a super gimmicky, commercialized holiday, but you can make it a special time to really connect with your partner. Do put in the time and effort to show them how much they really mean to you.

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