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Veteran Feedback: Round 2

Active Military
Active Military
January 1, 1970
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It’s Friday. 0600. The morning of the 72 [hour weekend] you’ll get for Columbus Day. Everyone knows it’s a half day and all you have to do is get through company PT then you’re golden. Everyone is eager to get through PT as fast as possible except your motivated Gunny who wants to make you suffer because he can. And so ensues a combination of the dumbest and most painful exercises that can be inflicted on a junior enlisted service person such as Monkey Fuckers, Chinese Sit-Ups, Sun Gods, and the list of PT-exercises (read: torture-techniques) goes on and on….. Chris Williston pilot, (B1), USAFI think sit-ups is one of the most useless exercises we are tested on. Studies show it does very little to affect core or overall abdominal strength. They should replace is with planks, but of course, that means change so it won't ever happen.-Illogically logical…Just the way it ought to be.Nick AckersonParatrooper, ARMYI hated the bend and reach because it was so emblematic of how thoroughly the army had lost its way. It was basically just doing toe touches in cadence. And stupid senior NCO’s thought they were hot shit for making you do toe touches information. It was a completely useless exercise that no one does unless someone makes them. If I’m gonna wake up early and spend time with ***holes I should at least be getting in shape. -Spoken like a truly disgruntled grunt.Katie Maximena Information Systems Technician, USNI think it would have to be sit-ups. First off, they are insanely boring. Second off, they have been proven to be bad for your lower back and the navy seems to love making us do them on tile or super hard floors. And third, I usually don't feel a thing which makes me feel like they are ineffective.-I’m starting to notice a pattern here….Harrison Truscott Assaultman, USMCFirst off, when you do Monkey F*ckers you feel completely ridiculous. On top of that, it works a weird muscle that you never usually work. Those two are bad enough and not to mention when people see you doing it you look like a complete god damn fool! But as much as you hate it and as ridiculous as it looks it works a muscle that not a lot of exercises are able to do.-There they are…The not so elusive Monkey F*ckers - known to take down a squad of Marines in less than 20 reps…Read more military articles here.

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