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Veteran Peer Support at Wounded Warrior Project

Active Military
Active Military
September 6, 2017
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Returning stateside after service can be a daunting experience for a lot of vets. While adapting to life outside of the military and often away from a war zone can be difficult, one fundamental element of serving that veterans can't seem to shake is their desire to help others. Hundreds of injured veterans from more than 40 Wounded Warrior Project veteran peer support groups across the country meet and participate in activities ranging from group support meetings to community service projects each week. While their military service has ended, their commitment to service remains – and so they delve deep into their communities and local charities.Reconnecting warriors to one another in the civilian world is critical to healing, which is why Wounded Warrior Project(WWP) serves them through its Peer Support program by fusing supportive rehabilitation with the military adage "Leave No Man Behind." This warrior-to-warrior support is a special type of therapy that reintroduces injured veterans to the unique bonds experienced during military service.

"I always enjoy volunteering in my community," said TeakSafiya Wilson, U.S. Army National Guard injured veteran and WWP peer support warrior from Atlanta, Georgia. "But doing it with fellow service members makes the experience more rewarding and is just a great way to keep us involved in the community."Peer Support groups are facilitated by warrior leaders who WWP has selected for demonstrating leadership strengths and the ability to help fellow wounded veterans who are in need. They are volunteers who must be willing to commit eight to 10 hours a month to the support group they lead – after attending a mandatory, extensive, multi-day training seminar to help them support their WWP peers on the path to healing.Through WWP's warrior-to-warrior support program, wounded service members and caregivers find encouragement and connection through their shared experiences. It's beyond volunteerism; it becomes service, renewed. And so the boots are dusted off and donned.In honor of International Day of Charity, WWP is proud to recognize the selfless service of all volunteers. For more information on Peer Support and all of WWP's free programs and services, please contact the WWP Resource Center at 888.WWP.ALUM (997.2586), 904.405.1213, or resourcecenter@woundedwarriorproject.org.Read more Military articles here.

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