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5 C's to Pick the Perfect Concealed Carry Gun

May 31, 2017
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Not every CCW is created equal; you want to choose your weapon carefully before you begin to carry. Here are just a few factors to keep in mind while shopping for your next firearm.


It’s called a concealed carry for a reason. Concealability is how easy you can hide your firearm. There’s a lot of variables when keeping this in mind, from the length of the barrel to the width of the gun, and the weight of the firearm. Some of these features may be more important to you but your ultimate goal is to be comfortable while keeping it concealed.


Are you 100% sure that you can depend on your concealed carry if your life was on the line? That is a question you must ask yourself before picking out a carry gun. Always put your experience level first. Do you prefer a pistol with a safety or without? Single action or double action? With confidence, a weapon becomes that much more deadly.


This not only means control of the weapon but how you can control its features. While in your hands, does it fit your grip and can you reach the safety or hit the magazine release? Control falls in all categories of this article. Even more, you want to have control of your carry and aim. Is the weapon system accurate, can you place accurate follow-up shots? One thing you can do is go to a range that allows you to rent a gun. Always try it before you buy it.


One of the most arguable topics in concealed carry is what constitutes as a proper caliber. This argument has been easier to end due to modern ammunition. From 9mm to .45 ACP there are rounds that perform differently. Full metal jacket, hollowpoints, or exotic rounds like the RIP are all in the public’s hands. Equally, the caliber you choose should determine how well you can handle the recoil. So instead of telling you what round you should pick, the best thing is to find the most powerful caliber and ammunition styles that you and your weapon can accurately control.


Ask yourself, how much is enough? There are a lot of gunslingers out there that will say that there’s no such thing as too much ammo. However, in a concealed carry situation would you sacrifice concealability for capacity? Think about your daily routine and the environments you will be faced with. Are you in an area where you think you may be confronted by multiple assailants (prevalent in urban areas). Overall, the majority of violent confrontations are resolved within seconds and end within 2-4 defensive shots. In the end of it all, understand daily threat levels and what you feel safe with, concealability vs capacity.

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