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Guide: Choosing the Right EDC Knife

January 31, 2017
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Karambit, Tanto, or a Spear point? Confused? Let Alpha Outpost show you an overview of everyday carry knives. In this guide, we will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each. Since knife shapes are intended for specific purposes, it is good to familiarize yourself with the following knife types to better prepare yourself for outdoor adventures, everyday applications, and survival situations.

Karambit Knife

The Karambit Knife is a curved multi-use knife designed for protection, preciseness, and efficiency. It has a curved blade, comfortable handle, and, usually, includes at least one safety ring.Strengths: Precision, Control, Stability, LeverageWeaknesses: Maneuverability, Reach

Tanto Knife

A Tanto knife has a chisel point that is thick towards the point which makes it quite strong. This design is very similar to the points on most Japanese swords. (wakizashi and katana).Strengths: Strong Point, Great for piercing, and stabbing.Weaknesses: No cutting edge belly, (belly increases the knife’s ability to both slice and slash), Hard control point.

Spear Point

A spear point knife has a symmetrically pointed blade with a point that is in line with the middle of the blade’s long axis. Both edges of the blade rise and drop equally to create a point that lines up exactly with the middle of the blade. They can have a single or double-edged, although most forms of the spear point blade come with a double-edged design.Strengths: Strong symmetrical point, Sharp on both sides (if doubled edge), Precise, good controlWeaknesses: Small cutting, not well suited for slicing and slashing

Drop Point

A drop point knife has a curved blade and an unsharpened back. The back of the knife tracks to the point in a slow, curved style, slightly resembling a spear point knife. Mostly used by hunters because of large belly blade.Strengths: Control, Strong tip,Weaknesses: Not as sharp point, Not suited for piercing

Clip Point

This blade is one of the most popular blade shapes in use today. The back of the knife runs straight from the handle and stops about halfway through the knife. Then, it continues down towards the point of the knife. This area can be straight or curved, and is referred to as the “clip”. Thus, the name Clip Point.Strengths: Sharp and controllable point, Piercing strength, Plenty of cutting edge for slicingWeaknesses: Weak and Narrow Point


Ultimately, you want a knife that’s convenient, strong and which will hold a sharp edge. Start there and add features or fancy specs as your budget allows or you desire.

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