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3 Pistol Drills for Your Next Range Day

September 30, 2016
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Becoming a great pistol shooter takes time, practice, and lots of ammunition. Pistols are precise but also unforgiving; even small mistakes in grip, sight alignment and trigger pressure can lead to missed shots.After establishing a solid base in firearms safety and fundamentals, you can take your pistol shooting to the next level with these three drills from three different instructors.Each of them addresses a different need: one works on warming up the body with a series of precision drills done with one box of ammo; one works on follow-up shots; and one takes your shooting to the next level by addressing multiple targets and transitioning.

Pistol Dot Torture

This video features a famous drill done by a regular shooter. It's a great warmup drill for anyone with one box of ammo and limited time. It can also be used to "warm up," and get the body used to shooting more complicated drills. Plus, it's always great to work the fundamentals.https://youtu.be/sjqtBqabArE


Follow-up Shot Drill

This drill requires you to remove the magazine with a round loaded and dry-fire a follow-up shot to the first one. This will help correct mistakes that people make while anticipating recoil or flinching. You don't really need a steel target for this, but it could help give some audible feedback.https://youtu.be/NxyTFzgWjhk

Travis Haley's 22422 Drill

Of course, this wouldn't be a complete list without premier firearms insructor, perpetual operator and polo-wearing badass Travis Haley throwing in a drill for you. In this drill, he has you shooting at three targets, attempting to blend accuracy with movement and transitions. This is a great drill to test yourself on at different ranges and speeds, and see where your combination of fundamental and advanced shooting skills have progressed to. At some point, everyone reaches their point of failure, and this is a good, safe drill to find yours at. Plus, it's fun!https://youtu.be/c1CI4sL_EiI

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