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What Ground Combat Entails: Part Two

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 31, 2018
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Well, I decided to write this one because it is one of the most misunderstood or often ignored parts of being involved in ground combat.Ground combat has evolved from massive linear battle lines crashing against each other. We don't do that shit anymore because our weapons are far too accurate and deadly for us to all stand together in a line and shoot back and forth at each other. We would all die. We learned this lesson as early as the Civil War and then to a larger degree, with the advent of modern weaponry, really learned that lesson in World War 1.With the change in tactics, there also comes something else...the thing about which I'm writing about today. Complacency and boredom.Holy hell, you will be bored out of your damn mind. Haven't you ever wondered why veterans, especially infantry veterans, can quote movies and TV shows with perfect timing? It's because after being on patrol, aside from working out, all we really do is watch movies and TV shows.I mean shit guys, even on patrol, you may not see anything for hours at a time. Just the same boring shit over and over and over and over again. Unless we get into a war with China or Russia, or some other country that fights a conventional war, you're going to have the extreme upper hand. Homeboy in a tracksuit armed with an AK-47 and two magazines isn't going to expose himself and take on 40 dudes with body armor or an up-armored hummer with a machine gun.Actually, he may, but he'll die and his buddies will learn not to do that shit. It may take them a few more buddies, but eventually, they learn.This sheer boredom breeds complacency. Everyone falls victim to it to some varying degree. Not that they want to, but shit man, you can only go so long without getting shot at before your head starts to play tricks on you and say "F*** we're never gonna get shot at." Then inevitably, that is exactly when someone will try to end your time on terra firma.Little by little your guard drops lower and lower. That's the challenge team leaders, NCO's and commanders face, ensuring that creeping complacency doesn't find it's way into your unit and linger.It's a constant struggle. One that we usually (keyword being "usually") come out on top of, but still it's a grim reality that anyone who decides that kicking in doors is a solid career choice must face.Being part of a ground combat unit is damn exciting at times, but also...its almost as mind-numbingly boring as watching paint dry and watching the grass grow at the same time. And well know what makes the green grass grow.Till next time assholes, remember complacency kills.Read Part One of the series here:


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