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Train How You Fight

August 22, 2018
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The world isn't as dangerous as some would have you believe, but it is still dangerous. Train how you fight. Bad shit can happen at any time. Hell, does happen all the time.If you train to prevent it, you've already got a leg up on most, even if your training isn't perfect, you're still light years ahead of the game. But we believe through life experience and several hard lessons taught to us by many different instructors from various forms of combat that if you don't train the way you're going to fight, you're going to lose.Fights are unpredictable American Grit, anyone knows that initial plans don't survive enemy contact, true for the battlefield, true for the bar and true for walking down the street. Your plan will probably get shit on within the first 2-3 seconds of a fight. Doesn't mean you can't prepare.

Train how you fight

First thing, be strong. You don't need to be competing in Strongman competitions but being able to push people away, or off of you, control their hands or their legs, or deliver devastating blows...it's not a bad idea to incorporate some strength training into your "training" routine. In addition to strength training, incorporate some conditioning, like sprints or tire flips, anything that requires you to move some weight for durations of 10-30 seconds at a time. Train how you fight.Second thing, just like the stock market, you need to diversify for your skills. It's great if you're the worlds best boxer, but we can assure you that a 9mm Hornaday Critical Duty round moves much faster than your punch. You've got great hands? Awesome, learn to shoot. You're a great shot? Great, learn to throw hands, because you may not be able to get to your heater quick enough and you certainly don't want the other guy to take it from you.Third and last. Diversify your ability to throw hands. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu is great because a lot of fights do end up on the ground. However, don't get caught up in lying on your back trying to fight. Learn some stand-up, learn knives. Learn to use your weapon after you've been getting your ass kicked on the ground for a minute or so.

Train How You Fight

Basically, use common sense, ensure that you're strong enough and have enough in the gas tank for a prolonged fight. Make sure your toolbox has as many tools as possible to win the fight, because when your life is on the line, there is no such thing as a fair fight. Train how you fight.

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