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Losing is Good for You... Sometimes

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Community Support
December 11, 2018
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Losing is good for you sometimes, losing in the sense that you're not doing your best impression of Charlie Sheen and "winning". Life happens. You get sick. You lose a game. You get broken up with. Someone you love gets unexpectedly taken from you. You get picked on. Someone makes a mean comment about you on the internet.Bad shit happens to folks every single damn day. Your problems are not going to make you special. It sucks to hear, and it's not exactly in the super yule happy go lucky mood of the season, but often times the holiday season, for all its joy, hits many people smack dab in the metaphorical ballsack. And sometimes...just sometimes that's good for you.Kind of an asshole thing to say some of you might be thinking. I get it. But when life decides to kick you in the sack with any of the aforementioned circumstances, especially in the midst of the most joyous time of year (allegedly), what you do afterward could turn out to be good for you.It could always turn shitty, but we're not focusing on that right now. In fact, we're choosing to ignore it for our own selfish purposes.People are after all products of their environments, and whatever your environment gives you, can make you stronger, more humble, more aware of what is truly valuable to you. Your environment could teach you that just because that gal is pretty doesn't mean your relationship won't end with a closet full of your suits on fire. That would certainly make us more discerning in our choice of women.I guess what I'm really trying to say is that every once in a while, the loses that life hands us are a special way of keeping us humble and reminding us that nobody really cares about the Vanderpump Rules. See half of you don't even get that reference because nobody cares about that show.As long as you don't forget that the thing that is most important in life is exhibited through wise words of our favorite Nanner (Sketch),"Blood for the blood god!"

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