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An Interesting Fire-Starting Trick with a Plastic Bag

May 2, 2017
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Now I know the survivalists or outdoorsmen here will either get a good chuckle out of this video or verbally slap me in the comments section for posting it. No true outdoorsman would venture out sans Ferrocerium rod and striker, but God forbid your rod falls in the fire (queue up Season 2 of History Channel’s Alone)

Wait, what about other techniques?

While forming a bow drill may sound like fun, or searching for quartz to crack against your knife, I think that utilizing a sandwich bag saves time and precious calories in a pinched survival scenario. Although, if I have a sandwich bag on my person – I’m probably going to have some waterproof matches or a lighter (that was kept in said waterproof bag). But I digress…check out the video below., so it does basically require ideal situations (unlike real survival scenarios) for this “life hack” to work, but it still is an interesting concept...and you can even use your own urine! I'm thinking this scenario, and lack of fire starters will probably come into play after getting lost on a second date picnic/hike. I would suggest not using urine for the sake of a potential third date; just remember it does require the sun...urine + heat = never a good idea.

How it Works

Personally, I just enjoyed the science behind it. Simply put, utilizing a plastic bag, some water, and dry bark, you can harness the power of the sun. Tap into your regressive homicidal childhood memories of roasting ants with a magnifying glass. It's just like that, except this time the recess monitor won't notify the school counselor.After you've shaped a liquid filled orb, the plastic bag creates a magnifying effect of the sun penetrating the clear plastic, concentrating the heat of the rays on dried bark dust – creating embers which can be added to a standard tinder bundle. The concept is proven – just see the video - on a perfect day. Even though the science is simple, I never thought of this bushcraft idea, so I couldn't help but share it. I mean, who carries magnifying glasses anymore? (well I do on a keychain, but whatever...)

Who is this mad scientist behind this bushcraft?

I’ve become an avid fan of Grant Thompson and can’t believe the life hacks he comes up with. Seriously, the dude mixes science with survival and what results in often explosive scenarios. Hell, he even shows you how to make black gunpowder...although I'm not so sure whether to cringe or smile when I think of who could try and reproduce his black powder gunpowder concoction. DISCLAIMER: We do not advocate making your own black powder gunpowder and you should consider all the risks and legality (or illegality for that matter) behind making your own gunpowder - outside of an apocalyptic scenario.

Completely off-topic but I can't help myself.

Just a side note, who else here loves Alone? I wonder when the new season is airing…or where they’re even filming. I was able to find this Bustle article hypothesizing potential locations of the next season. Where do you think they will end up? Leave your suggestions or thoughts in the comment section below.

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