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Top 5 Reasons to Prepare an EDC Bag

February 14, 2017
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Why you should prepare yourself with an Everyday Carry bag.

The idea of preparedness is that you should organize your life in an experienced and facts based manner that will help support yourself and others in the event of any situations presented to you. Having an EDC bag will prepare you for any unexpected situations you might encounter in your daily routines.

1. Everyday use items

[caption id="attachment_10293" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

A backpack full of everyday items.[/caption]One of the main reasons to own a EDC bag is just out of pure convenience. Carrying items such as a portable cell phone charger can come in handy during a daily commute or emergency.

2. Items not used often but come in handy

[caption id="attachment_10294" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Alpha Outpost EDC bag and pocket knife[/caption]One of the most useful items and often not used is a good pocket knife. You may never find yourself in a life or death situation but it's one less worry to have when carrying it. While you might not use a knife in a survival situation you might find yourself struggling to open an annoying plastic package.

3. Backup Cash

Having a couple of Jackson’s (or Benjamin’s for you Alphas) in a secure part of your EDC bag can get you a ride home, fill up a gas tank, or something else you need to survive.

4. Basic first aid kit

[caption id="attachment_10296" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]

Small portable first aid kit[/caption]A small, portable kit with the essentials should be carried with you at all times. Alphas with chronic medical problems should carry extra medication in their kit. Also, if you have a history of allergic reactions it wouldn’t hurt to have some ointments or pain relievers as well. Last but not least, have something to put a stop to diarrhea.

5. Water

[caption id="attachment_10297" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]

Alpha Outpost EDC Bag with canteen[/caption]Drinking water and keeping your body hydrated will help you improve your cognitive abilities and mental functioning. It also keeps your energy levels up throughout the day. Granted you can’t carry that much water in an EDC, it’ll be helpful to have a bottle that you can easily refill and transport around.

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