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Bad Day, Resiliency, and Rising Above

October 7, 2019
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Mondays, amiright? Mondays usually bring out a lot of stress in people. Probably because you didn't get everything accomplished you wanted (or needed) to over the weekend and now a whole new week is here with it's own challenges. And maybe those challenges are spilling into multiple weeks. How do you learn resiliency?Typically in our environment, we are guided to 'drink water and drive on' without really getting into detail or allowing ourselves to fix an issue. This may cause multiple issues to compile and leave you more stressed, as mentioned above. So, how do you figure it out and still meet the mission?You take a knee, get your situation handled and stand back up. Learn resiliency. Now, read that again. And again. And again. Let me re-iterate each piece for you....Take a knee! NO ONE, and I mean ABSOLUTELY no one wants to work with someone who's head is not in the game. So take a knee, literally or figuratively. While you could sit there and banter that certain jobs or types of people do not get the luxury of quitting, let me stop you right there. I said take a knee, I did NOT say stop or quit. Regardless of what situation you are in, if you are dealing with something that is consuming your physical and mental well-being and you are not able to handle what is right in front of you, then quite frankly, you need to step away and handle your business.No, it does not matter your rank, position, job title or otherwise. Get your situation handled. Because if you don't do it soon, it will compile, it will bleed into other areas and it could cause grave repercussions. No one wants that, not really.Got yourself handled? Stand back up and keep going. Something else happen? Take another knee and repeat the cycle. You cannot take care of others unless you yourself is taken care of.This applies to relationships, leadership and all areas of being a responsible human being. No one wants to work for a boss that is too worried about their own problems they cannot focus on the job and no leader wants to have people who are not focused enough to carry out the mission.Each person plays a role in the big picture. Each person matters and you need to make sure you are resilient and have the tools to care for yourself so you can care for and defend others. Not sure where to start? Well, have a conversation with someone you trust and go from there. Feel like you can't trust anyone? There are numerous hotlines and resources for you to reach out to.What's the goal in this article? Well, hopefully, it sparks a needed conversation for someone that is too overwhelmed and they are afraid to take that knee. No matter the reason, we need you good to go homie, so take a step back and reach out so you can come back and fight the good fight another day.

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