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Jeffrey Scott Franklin: The Dog Whisperer

January 15, 2019
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Mans best friend. There is a storied history of our relationship with canines. Meet Jeffrey Scott Franklin who took that relationship to an even higher level by pioneering the use of K9 units with SWAT Teams around the country. A Marine Corps veteran and police officer with tons of experience training K-9s, over 20,000 dogs, in fact, Jeffrey knows better than most how K9s and MWDs are serious force multipliers that have joined the brotherhood despite being an entirely different species.If you ask Jeff what his favorite story regarding a K9 is, he'll tell you it's the time that he was on a call for an armed robbery and as soon as he showed up his dog Cobra had his game face on. Before even getting out of the vehicle, Jeff told us that his dog Cobra, was aware and alert of one of the suspects, no more than 10 ft away in the darkness while Jeff was trying to get ready. Cobra had his back from the moment they were on scene, even though Jeff didn't realize it. Cobra and Jeff immediately apprehended the suspect. Cobra hadn't even left the vehicle.What Jeff feels many trainers fail to do these days is to utilize both positive and negative reinforcement. To use an example, many trainers and owners teach their dogs to get better at sitting, rather than teaching the dog not to jump. Instead of having to command the dog to sit all of the time, you won't have to because the dog, once it learns NOT to jump, will naturally not jump (Crazy right?).From his humble self taught beginnings as a young man, to now being an authority for both military and police working dogs, and integrating them into the teams Jeff has always stressed the idea of communicating with the dog on their level. Once you can master than you'll have the best-prepared dog for whatever you need.

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