Avtoros Shaman
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Avtoros Shaman: Off-Road Champion

October 6, 2017
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First hover bikes and now a brand spanking new ATV coming out of Russia. It’s a real game changer, too. This off-road beast looks quite a bit like an MRAP with a spacious interior that can be customized to hold whatever your imagination can dream up. The name, the Avtoros Shaman, is a word associated with medicine men and healers from tribal cultures across the globe, and this ATV will definitely keep you from having to see a real life Shaman on your many global treks.

Avtoros Shaman

The first thing to notice about the Shaman is its low pressure tires. These tires allow the vehicle to traverse marshes, tundra, rivers, and shallow lakes, making it one of the most versatile vehicles of its type in a long time. Providing unsurpassed comfort and mobility throughout even the roughest terrain. There are two different interiors that the Shaman can be purchased in. The first is the “Tourist” edition which seats eight adults comfortably, and the “Hunter” edition which has benches that transform into beds for the more adventurous and outdoorsy types.The Shaman can even be equipped with a screw propeller to help it across water obstacles. In addition to this, the Shaman comes stock with water pumps to push water out of the frame while getting over any water obstacle you may happen to come across.

Avtoros Shaman

Not only does this vehicle come stock with a ton of options, there is also an option to fully customize your vehicle. Luckily, even with all these options it will still be street legal although the maximum speed is roughly 44 miles per hour due to the size of this gargantuan vehicle. The driver’s seat sits in the middle of the vehicle giving a cockpit type feel with great all-around visibility and a comfortable seat for long trips to the hunting or fishing ground. The three way adjustable seat provides the maximum amount of comfort so that the enjoyment of the trip isn’t lost on the driver. This vehicle certainly seems like it can do pretty much whatever you ask of it. We personally can’t wait to see what a few rednecks do to modify these bad boys. Just wait till some talented mechanics get one of these in a shop and start fiddling around and tuning these monsters up.

Avtoros Shaman

However if you want the opportunity you’re going to have to pony up some serious cash as these guys are slated at over 180k Euro’s which is over 200k in real money. Save up your pennies and open up your garages though because this is one vehicle that we’d all love to get our hands on.

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