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Guys Should Always Listen to Woman

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
May 12, 2017
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On this, the day after my ninth wedding anniversary, I am reminded of a cautionary tale that I feel important to share with the younger generation. It is a tale of mystery, deceit, sneakishness, love and heartache, a story for the ages! The moral of this story is simple, guys;Listen to your wife.Really listen. Take the words she uses literally and pay heed to them.[caption id="attachment_11636" align="aligncenter" width="254"]

I hear you baby[/caption]Early in our relationship my wife had always told me she didn't like the "Hallmark holiday" that is Valentine's Day. I had heard this same line from a few other women in my past so I quickly dismissed it as nonsense. She had also told me she never wanted to get married, but there we stood, married. So, one could see why I didn’t believe her thoughts on Valentine’s were completely truthful.For our first Valentine’s Day together I thought that I would surprise her with a card and a modest gift of jewelry, nothing too over the top, just a little something. Because she is an accountant and manages our household finances as if we are a Fortune 500 company, she watches the accounts as such; multiple times a day and with an eagle eye. Knowing that I had to be all Jason Bourne on this mission, I would sock away what cash I could. Every buck I got, I would stash.[caption id="attachment_11638" align="aligncenter" width="262"]

Yup, yup. I understand[/caption]


Once my cash stash was up to a decent amount, I went to a jewelry store and picked out a bracelet for her that I thought was nice, ran to Hallmark and bought a card and waited for her to come home. When the day finally came, I sat nervously at the kitchen table and farted around on the computer and waited for her to come home.When I heard the garage door open I was excited and couldn't wait to see how surprised she was going to be. How I didn't listen to what she was saying and how I got to her core. How I really listened and knew that she wanted a present and a little romance on Valentine’s Day. How sweet I was for trying to hide it so I could surprise her. Oh man, I was going down in history as the greatest guy EVER!!Then she walked in."What's this?""I got you something," I said as I made my way over to her.Without so much as a grin, cocking of the head, or loving glance she reached down and picked up the box, opened it and said flatly, "It's a bracelet."Then she opened the card and read it with a similar blankness. Nothing. She lifted her head up to look at me and said, "But I wear a watch. How am I going to wear both?"I stared back at her and said nothing. I snapped the velvet box closed and stuck it in my pocket.Lesson learned. I took the bracelet back to the store, got my money back and I'm pretty sure I drank it up. When the lady tells you she doesn't want anything, listen to her and don't buy her anything.[caption id="attachment_11637" align="aligncenter" width="275"]

I got you girl. I know what you're saying[/caption]I don't buy the wife gifts for any holiday, not even our anniversary. She doesn't want them and I’m glad I don’t to have to worry about buying them. Whenever Valentine’s Day comes up and people ask what me what I'm getting for the wife and I tell them ‘nothing’, the response is always along the lines of, "She doesn't really mean that you moron. You better get her something."Then I always share this story.

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