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2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review

Mammoth Sniper Challenge
Mammoth Sniper Challenge
February 2, 2017
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I’m a sucker for Harley’s, but when I saw the new 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber I almost fell over in love. Triumph didn’t take this task on lightly. They spent over three years building and refining this bike before putting it on the market. This sexy beast has a 1200cc high-torque engine, eight valve, liquid cooled, single overhead cam parallel twin with a 270-degree crankshaft and a six-speed gearbox. It also has a new twin airbox setup with different intake and exhaust system and its own tune. This bumps the horsepower and torque figures in the lower rev range.

Let’s take a look at the overall look of the bike. The biggest thing that you notice right away is the seat. Sorry passengers this only comes with a single floating aluminum seat. This can be adjusted “up and forward” or “down and back” depending on what the rider is comfortable with. When you first look at the bike you would think it would be a rough ride, but that’s because Triumph did a beautiful job of hiding the rear “mono-shock” suspension. There is a black powder coated “cage” swinging arm that gives it a “hard-tail” look. All of the electrical components are hidden from view which gives it a real nice clean bobber look. It has an adjustable speedometer which allows the rider to position it to be facing them or more in line with the curves of the bike. Keeping that authentic bobber style, it has a stainless steel strap battery box and a classic rear drum brake. Stock 1- inch handlebars add to the sturdy feel of the bike. Last but not least we can’t forget about that exhaust. The bobber has stainless steel twin sawn-off “peashooter” style silencers, which deliver a “Bonneville” hot rod sound. Stock colors to chose from are Jet Black, Competition Green, Morello-red, and Ironstone. I like everything on my bikes to be flat black but it does look pretty damn sharp in every color option available.

Being the aftermarket girl I am, I couldn’t live without my ape-hangers and LED lights. Good news, there’s over 150 accessories to chose from for each individual's unique style.

Now that you know all the things that really give it that bobber look, you’re probably wondering about the price. You can pick one up today starting at $11,900 MSRP for Jet Black. The other colors will, of course, cost you a few more bucks. Not bad for a bike with both performance and style.

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