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Kreisel Electric & Arnold Schwarzenegger: World's First Electrified Hummer H1

September 20, 2017
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Arnold Schwarzenegger just presented the world's first electric Hummer from Kreisel Electric at the opening of the company's new research and development center in Rainbach, Mühlkreis district, Upper Austria.

"Kreisel Electric electrified my G-class last winter. And now a Hummer. If Kreisel keeps it up at this pace, I will soon be able to fly here from LA in an electric airplane," said Arnold Schwarzenegger, friend, and patron of the high-tech pioneers, who was clearly impressed with the electrification of his big off-road vehicle.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

From left to right: Christian Schlögl (CEO Kreisel Electric), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger, strategic partner at Kreisel Electric, opening the new Kreisel Electric high-tech research and development center.(Copyright: Martin Hesz / Kreisel Electric)[/caption]

Kreisel Electric developed an off-road prototype on the basis of the H1 model in just two months' time. It is equipped with high-performance batteries from Kreisel Electric featuring a 100 kWh capacity and two electric motors on the front and back axles, with a system output of 360 kW (490 PS). The vehicle can reach speeds of up to 120 km/h and has a range of about 300 kilometers and a total weight of 3,300 kg.

The standard version of this American off-road vehicle consumes up to 24 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers and emits up to 470g CO2 per kilometer. "With our electrified prototypes, we want to show what is possible using Kreiseltechnology. We will certainly not mass-produce these models. But our Hummer is a powerhouse in wolf's clothing, one that drives so quietly even the sheep are not disturbed," said Markus Kreisel, one of the founders of Kreisel Electric.

In the presence of the Austrian Federal Chancellor Mag. Christian Kern and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Markus Kreiselopened the new development and manufacturing center in Rainbach, Mühlkreis district. The new facility, which comprises almost 7,000 m2 of space, includes a prototype workshop and a completely automated manufacturing line for Kreisel Electric battery storage devices for use in the small-batch production of passenger vehicles, utility vehicles, buses, boats, and airplanes, as well as in storage solutions.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger

From left to right: Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Austrian Federal Chancellor Mag. Christian Kern and Vice Chancellor Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter (Copyright: Martin Hesz / Kreisel Electric)[/caption]With the new location, where more than 200 employees will work starting in 2018, Kreisel Electric intends to accelerate its growth course and expand its e-mobility business internationally. "The opening ceremony was attended by more than 1,000 representatives of international business and politics. This shows the great interest in Kreisel Electric and electromobility," said Christian Schlögl, the CEO responsible for strategic development at Kreisel Electric.Read more motorsports articles here.

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