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Salvator "Sal" Giunta

Active Military
Active Military
May 6, 2019
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Listen up children of war! Grab a 'Rip It' and a bum a smoke from your buddy who you'll never get back for it even though you've sworn you will the last thirty times this has happened (buy your own smokes asshole). I want to tell you all a story about Staff Sergeant Salvator ‘Sal’ Giunta. At the time this took place, he was a mere Specialist...seems like he specialized in killin' Taliban if you ask us.See, back in the old days of GWOT when the gettin' was good, some Taliban occupying the Korengal Valley decided they wanted to do some gettin' of their own. One problem, they f***ed with the BDE (if you don't know what BDE stands for, ask one of the smarter kids in class) havin' Salvator ‘Sal’ Giunta. This was a mistake of monumental proportions, kind of like every One Direction album that was ever released.The Taliban opened up their attack by putting rounds into the first two guys on the patrol. Shit. Then the third guy took a round to the ol' central processing unit, good thing we have helmets right? Sal was like the right Bishop Bullwinkle and said "Hell naw to the naw naw naw". He grabbed his bro and dragged his ass to safety while getting tagged in his body armor and the weapon on his back. Take this man to Vegas with that kind of luck.The platoon regrouped and collectively decided it was time for these dastardly degens from upcountry to take a one way trip to Getfukt City, population all those assholes currently shooting at them.Sal and his jolly group of gunslingers started rockin' frags like there was no tomorrow and making barrels overheat in the direction of the enemy with flagrant gusto as they pushed towards the wounded soldiers.Sal and the platoon reached one of the soldiers wounded in the opening barrage, who despite being wounded in the leg twice and relatively exposed, decided that if he was gonna die it was going to be with an empty weapon if you catch our drift. One of Sal's compatriots started to take care of the leg wounds and Sal made his way towards the other wounded soldier who was being carried away by two Taliban fighters.In the wise words of country heartthrob Patty Lovelace "You made a bad mistake, oh yeah!" Salvator ‘Sal’ Giunta smoked one of the limp dicks who ended up being an HVT and wounded the other one, who later got smoked by an AC-130 Gunship.Despite all of his best efforts, Sgt. Brennan the soldier who was being carried off, passed away in surgery the next day. But, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, Salvator ‘Sal’ Giunta and his platoon repulsed the enemy attack.Oh, by the way, all of that shit took place in roughly three minutes and it was at night, it took longer to write than the actual event. SpecialistSalvator ‘Sal’ Giunta became the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War.

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