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5 Bother Cars

January 11, 2018
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Ever since the first car, humanity has been enthralled with the motor powered vehicles. Whether the designs are sleek angled sports cars or beautiful curvacious luxury sedans, people the world over have devoted their lives to studying, collected, building or repairing these fine vehicles. However, there are a few cars out there that left us shaking our head and asking "Why bother?"1. Smart Car

Why Bother

How in the world people allow themselves to be seen in this vehicle is still a mystery to us. "But it's egg-shaped design is so safe and it's fuel economy is unmatched." Nobody cares about any of those things. It's ugly and it's so light that a light breeze could send it tumbling for miles (hence good gas mileage). If you want safety and fuel economy, just like, buy a Honda or something.2. Dodge OmniThis weak excuse for a car got beat by the ugly stick and by the really poorly built stick all at the same time. The safety standards were almost non-existent and while it may have been easy to overlook if the car had actually looked cool and performed well, it did neither of those. Dodge, why even bother?

Why bother

3. Hummer H2It's not really a truck, nor is it really an SUV. In fact, this bad boy doesn't even remotely come close to an actual military Humvee. You can't even put an M240B machine gun on this plastic knockoff of military hardware. Coupled with its bad gas mileage and poor performance, we're not always the biggest fans of those who drive these either.

Why bother

4. Ford PintoIf looks could kill. Talk about ugly. Just sheer flat out ugly. Also, this car literally murdered people and Ford was put on trial for it. Yeah, that's a thing that happened. No wonder people steered towards Chevrolet and Dodge.

why bother

5. YugoOr don't go, especially if you go in a Yugo. The poor craftsmanship and low price made this car an absolutely terrible choice for a vehicle. People didn't perform regular maintenance on it because it was literally cheaper to replace. Why bother?

Why bother
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