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The All-American Muscle Cars

January 22, 2018
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Whether you're a fan of Ford, Dodge or General Motors brands, one thing we can all agree on is there is nothing quite like the rumble of American muscle cars. That deep throaty beefed up rumble is the very definition of American. No frills, all thrills when you hear a 426 Hemi roar to life and tear down the street. Made exclusively in America, by hard-working Americans, these All-American automobiles are heavy on the horsepower and light on the elegance.Why do so many Americans identify with the muscle car? Because it's straightforward and gets the job done. It doesn't pretend to be an aerodynamically elegant sports car. The beauty of the muscle car is its unadulterated raw power. The beauty is in the simple nature of the car, the singular purpose and mission of throwing as much torque and horsepower to the wheels as the chasse can stand. How strong can we make this car before we physically break it apart from its own power? That's the question for muscle cars. That is how this country is. We haven't found our limit yet. Neither have muscle cars.

muscle cars

It's not unlike Americans to push the limits in all that we do, so the emergence of the muscle car in 1949 with the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 was not surprising. We all know the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt about hot nasty badass speed, so shortly after her time as the first lady, we started pushing out these blacktop barbarians with no remorse for the tires they'd burn.Whether you love cars or not, there are very few things on this planet that will turn your head, and shake your chest with their monstrous roar. There is no denying that when a Chevelle SS rumbles by, or a Dodge Charger races down the highway that you get a sense of pride in America and what we as Americans can do.

muscle cars


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