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Chronicles of Mattis: Episode Two

October 11, 2018
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James Mattis kicked back in his chair and sighed before laughing as he talked on the phone with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 'Fightin' Joe Dunford. This weekly phone call was the rare time that Mattis would crack a smile and drop his normally serious demeanor. As one of his oldest friends and a brother in arms, Fightin Joe was one of the few men that got to see this side of Mattis."I told the commander of the Decatur that if they came any closer to send them to the bottom of the fu**ing sea." This escalation bullshit in the South China Sea had finally invoked the ire of the Chaos."I know Jim, I know, they are getting more and more bold with shittier and shittier equipment. Just look at their 'aircraft carrier'!"The two men exploded into laughter at the thought of Chinese naval forces challenging the United States Navy. The Decatur would have dropped the Lanzhou in mere minutes and then the crew would have gone back to sunning themselves on the aft flight deck.It has been several years since the United States actually let all hell break loose. Mattis had wrecked Afghanistan, then spearheaded the 1st Marine Division during the Iraq invasion, but relatively speaking in scope and scale to what we did in World War 2, it was pithy.China was going to be the orchestrator of its very own doom if the reckless behavior continued. Mattis hung up the phone and set to work, as always diligent in his preparation, orchestrating the forces he controlled into his very own brand of chaos.The enemies of the United States would play their games, and he, he would play his. Sorebrek wagged his tail, he recognized the look in his master's eyes. The time for killing was near and nothing would be able to bear the unfathomable force Mattis himself would bring to the table.Mattis chuckled to himself as he muttered, "They are so fu**ed."

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