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Epic Car Fails

October 24, 2017
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Americans have had a long history with cars. Whether it’s a grown man looking to show power and status, or a teenager who is just venturing into the world, cars are much more than a way to move from a place to another. Cars represent a statement or how one would wish to be perceived. Car fails represent an equally important, but not as pleasant part of a statement a car manufacturer enjoys.With that said, no car owner wants to drive an ugly or non-functional vehicle. This is one of the reasons most cars end up as failures. Some of the reasons for failure is because the cars earned a reputation as a danger to the driver while others were termed as hideously ugly.Here are some cars that have been amongst the biggest failures in history.

Ford Pinto

The Japanese cars had become popular in the 60s and Ford thought of introducing a car that would rival with these cheerful and inexpensive cars. When engineers were testing out the car, they discovered that when the Pinto was hit from behind, even at low speed, the rear mounted petrol tank could break apart and dump the fuel on the road.This posed a fire risk to the victims. Ford later decided that it would be expensive to fix the issue and never bothered to have it fixed. This problem was discovered in 1977 and in 1978, all the Pintos were recalled.

Lancia Beta Montecarlo

The Lancia Beta Montecarlo is one car that has issues with its brakes. The front wheels would lock as a result of the servo being too strong. Lancia on discovering the problem had the servo removed. However, this did not help out the situation as the driver could not be able to stop.

Porsche 918

Porsche is one of the globally recognized car brands anyone would want to own. However, the 918 control arms on the rear suspension were prone to breaking under race conditions. Porsche replaced the fasteners on the front axle to reduce the suspension fails.

Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer began production in 1990 and it was one of the SUVs that could handle any terrain. Nevertheless, this popular car was found to have safety problems that threatened to sideline the SUV permanently. The 2001 model had weight unevenly distributed and the car could flip over. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 200 people were killed in accidents involving the Explorer fitted with Firestone tires. The vehicle was recalled and completely redesigned in 2002.

Ferrari 458

The American legislation requires a car to have a catch that allows a trapped person to get out. The Ford 458 latch did not work and this led to a recall.

Pontiac Aztek

The design of Pontiac Aztek was meant to change the face of adventure. The features added to this car were labeled as robust, cool, and convenient. While producing the Pontiac Aztek was an awesome idea, the car didn’t sell as expected and it quickly went out of production. It later emerged that the Aztek design has been cost shaved and compromised leading to a heavy, plastic clad mess. The Aztek looked scary and deformed with multiple eyes and ugly nostrils.These epic car fails are a clear indication what may look and appear perfect on the outside may not mean they are perfect to drive.

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