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Leadership from the Front 101

Active Military
Active Military
January 14, 2019
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The Marine Corps teaches many lessons, but among the most valuable lesson on leadership ever taught, is how to lead well from the front. Sounds easy enough right? Sounds simple, like maybe you don't actually have to be good at speaking or motivating...but that idea couldn't be more flawed. Some people think it's as easy as being the first man off the helicopter or through the door...I guess those could be parts of it, but definitely not the whole.When we say lead from the front, it means in all things. How you take care of yourself in garrison and in combat. If there is something you want to be done, you better make damn sure that those who have been entrusted to you have not only seen you do it but have seen you do it consistently to a high standard and with a good attitude.See nobody likes doing the unsexy shit, however, it's there that you build the foundation for how you will be seen in combat. The little things you do in garrison that's what shows your warriors what kind of leader you are. Are you reckless but calculated? Are you detail oriented? Furthermore, are you fair? Do you exercise good judgment in the shit that doesn't seem to matter in garrison?

Always leading

Whether you're a good leader or you're merely just the asshole in charge, you'll always be leading... Either you're leading astray or leading to victory, you're still leading.Take the time to set the standard through your own hard work and you'll have a much easier time convincing others to adhere to it. If you, with all of your perks and privileges, could take shortcuts, do it and do it right...you'll earn that trust.It's quite simple. Be the example that you want reflected.There is much more we could say, but we'll stop here for today and remember leadership shapes the battle. Follow American Grit for more articles and news!

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