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Another Time in Iraq

Active Military
Active Military
January 21, 2019
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Well, this story may not be as cool as the first one, but it's enjoyable, to say the least, at least for me to tell it. During the same deployment to Iraq, the intrepid heroes of CAAT Red (Weapons Company, Third Battalion, Seventh Marine Regiment) made the journey down south of a little road called Baseline. For those of you unfamiliar with Baseline, it was an almost certainty that if you went on or south of Baseline in Ramadi, that you're going to get into a gunfight. That's just how things were back in those days (circa 2005-2006).Anyways, getting on with this story...we went down to capture this douchebag high-value target and man, this guy wasn't some movie star terrorist, he was responsible for killing a lot of Americans. A real piece of shit human being to say the very least. To be as ninja and high speed as we could, the decision was made to go at night, which in turn meant it'd be CAAT Red's mission as we were the Night Taskable platoon that week.We left the gates o Hurricane Point and made our way to the house. For once, and those of you who've been on raids before know, the intel was spot on. We found the house immediately, asshole we were looking for matched the picture. It was literally the most perfect raid we'd been on. In reality, it probably took a lot longer than the 30 minutes I remember it taking, everything went so smooth, it felt like we were in and out with our prize in a matter of minutes. No enemy contact, not trouble. Bing, bang boom. Got our guy and went on our way back home.Later that morning though we were awakened by the sound of gunfire and various other fire, can't remember if there were RPGs but I'm betting there were. Anyways this shitbags boys got all butthurt that we captured their HMFIC (Head motherf***er In Charge) and launched an attack on Lima Company of 3rd Battalion 7th Marines, that were occupying the South Entry Control Point. Bad idea insurgents. Lima Company will mess you up. The US Army even got in on the action as well!Our heroes from CAAT Red (myself included), ran out of the hooch (the building we lived in) in our PT gear and shower shoes (flip-flops), with all of our other PPE on (flak vest, helmet, weapon etc...) We tried to get our platoon sergeant and platoon commander to let us go finish the job (killing the minions of the asshole we grabbed earlier that morning) while wearing our silkies. We felt that having grabbed the bossman, we had dibs on his bad guys.We were subsequently told to "Get the f*** back in the hooch and get our cammies on!"Fast forward about 6 or so years later and Kris "Tanto" Paronto gets to get in a firefight in cargo shorts and seriously kicks ass.My jealousy and envy last till this very day.

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