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A Healthy Dose of Self-Hate

November 2, 2018
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A healthy dose of hate is needed if you're going to get better at anything in life. Seriously, we're not trying to f*** with you. For any improvement in your life to truly take hold and have any real sort of staying power, you kinda of need to hate yourself a little bit. Cue the angry Facebook comments talking about all this positive life shit. Look, we get it, being happier is better than being sad, but this sunshine and rainbow bullshit of the power of positivity needs to the way of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Self-hate to the point of self-harm obviously is a no-go, so let's get that disclaimer out of the way early.Nobody is perfect, nobody has their shit all figured out. Everyone has flaws and pieces of them that if they were really honest, they hate. If you don't think you have even a smidgen, it's probably because you're a narcissistic bag 'o douche.A healthy dose of self-hate can be an extremely powerful catalyst for change in your life, whether you want to be a better shooter, be in better shape, if you don't have that self-hate lingering around, then you'll never see the need to change anything that you're doing and just as we all learned on the rifle range, "Experts make adjustments."If you honestly think you're perfect at life and nothing ever needs to change or get better, then you'll probably hate this article. You'll hate the fact that we're calling you out on your bullshit because that's all it is, bullshit. Everyone can always be a little bit better, everyone can always find some flaws to rid themselves of and the only real way to rid yourself of that flaw is to hate it. You gotta hate that bad shit in your life to remove it from your life. We hated depression, so we did everything in our power to remove it from our lives. It's not worth keeping it.It's not the end all be all answer, as there rarely are any of those in life (except 42, that is the ultimate answer), but it is the truth that you need a little bit of self-hate from time to time to grow and make yourself a little bit better. Just keep it to hating those shitty parts that you want to kick to the curb.

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