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A Knife in a Gun Fight

October 11, 2018
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"Well, I'd just shoot the guy." Famous last words of every wannabe badass who will get cut to pieces because they can't draw their firearm and put rounds on target in the time it takes a knife-wielding attacker to open their throat or slash through their brachial plexus on their dominant arm, rendering their firearm a weapon to be used against them now rather than for them.A knife can be a deadly implement, even in a gunfight and you should most certainly learn how to use one properly. Why? Because of the following.The accepted group wisdom is that within 21 feet or 7 yards...a little over half the distance you need to get a first down, is where a knife-wielding attacker can get to you before you can draw down and make his body a fountain deserving of being put on display at the Louvre. Several factors come into play here and could greatly increase that distance or minimize it depending on a few variables.Are there innocent people behind the attacker? If you're an amateur with a gun that took two classes and now you think you're Billy the f***ing Kid, you might beat him on the draw, but most likely you'll plug a few innocents who will no doubt sue your ass. Distance is your friend. As are lateral movements.Let's say, you're a great shot. How many times have you practiced clearing the holster with your weapon in a time sensitive manner? Good job on shooting great while standing still with the gun in your hand. Have someone who wants to kill you charging at you like a coked out bull, then see how good your draw is.Guns are great tools for self-defense. Strongly advocate having one on or near you at all times, but the truth is when confronted with a knife-wielding attacker, you might want to learn how to get all McStabby on his ass too, just for you know the sake of your life or some shit like that. After he retreats from the numerous slashing attacks, then you can draw your gun and turn Mr. I Like to Poke Shit into a human impact berm.

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