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Pregnant Mom & Her AR-15 Save the Day

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 4, 2019
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The debate about owning an AR continues to get fueled left and right. Last Wednesday, AR-15 owners got a tip in the scale toward their direction. A pregnant mom stepped up in a pretty dangerous scenario and utilized her legally owned firearm for the safety of her family.Take a step back for a moment and imagine being eight months pregnant in the back room of your home. Then suddenly you hear scuffling in the front of the house with your husband and child. You peek out to see a man pointing a gun at you and he fires, missing, as you duck behind the door. You can hear that men have your husband and child in danger. You might even be able to hear the fact they are hitting your husband with a blunt object- their pistols. What do you do?Well, the pregnant mom sprang to action as she grabbed the AR-15 hidden in the bedroom. She waited on the men to come to the door, where she began to fire. Ultimately, she hit them both; however, one was simply injured and escaped while the other was wounded severely and ended up not making it past their nearby ditch.This scenario could have ended differently. It could have been a lot worse and we could be writing a whole different viewpoint. But the fact of the matter is quick thinking and reaction saved this family.One of the biggest takeaways that can be learned from this- if you own firearms in your home, know how to appropriately utilize them. The wife could have easily not known how to fire the AR, or load it. What would have happened then?Don't be the spouse that allows weapons in your home and then ignores their utilization. And no, this isn't a gender thing. This could have easily been the husband in the back room with the AR saving the wife. And it could have even been him not knowing how to utilize the gun. But it wasn't, thankfully.At the end of the day, lives were saved because knowledge is power and reaction is paramount.

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