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Violent But True: The Harlem Hell Fighters

Veteran News
Veteran News
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April 11, 2023
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The Harlem Hell Fighters were some of the ballsiest men to balls out in the ballsiest of situations ever, that’s a lot of balls! Gather round to learn about these men and in particular Henry Johnson who earned the name “Black Death,” after some Germans accidentally attacked him with a platoon sized element and he had to go and kill a bucket load of them with his bare hands. It’s gonna be a stabby ride y’all! About the VBT Franchise

Why VBT?

Well, we understand your needs. You work around a bunch of f*ckwits, you live around a bunch of soyboys, and you've always wondered if anyone has ever bayoneted thirty people in one day. The solution? Give the people the mental testosterone injection they didn't know they needed. So, Kick back, grab a cold one, and enjoy the gift of violence with your friends and loved ones as we add new stories of graphic violence to our VBT Hall of Fame!

Visit to watch the full series!

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