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Burger Wars: Finding America's Best Burger

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
March 8, 2018
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Time to settle this debate once and for all. The Battle of Burgers! Team Whataburger vs. Team In-n-Out vs. Team Five Guys vs. Team Burger King vs. Team Homemade. Everyone has their regional preferences, but it is time once and for all to settle this debate. We'll try to be as impartial as possible, but even we have our favorite.

Battle of Burgers

Whataburger is a Texas staple. Saying Whataburger isn't good is basically messing with Texas, and there was a whole slew of commercials and ads telling you all how bad of an idea messing with Texas was. They don't have a hidden menu like In-n-Out, and they don't have animal style fries either. However they do have spicy ketchup, patty melts, Monterey melts, and gigantic burgers to boot. The thing that makes Whataburger great to so many Texans is that it's from Texas, add in that the burgers are better than McDonald's and Burger King, bigger than In-n-Outs burgers, and cheaper than Five Guys burgers and you've got a well rounded, local treat to Texans.In-n-Out, look when we were stationed in California, there was hardly a better place to grab a burger than In-n-Out. After days upon days in the field, swinging by In-n-Out and getting a monster 6x6 or bigger with Animal style fries was the epitome of satisfying after nothing but MREs. The appeal of In-n-Out, the old time burger joint stylings. It was no frills, good, juicy hamburger and really great fries. Fresh ingredients and the fantastic shakes make In-n-Out the burger joint of choice for Californians.

Battle of Burgers

Look, you get what you pay for, at Five Guys, you're getting a better burger, that's a fact, however, you're also paying a lot more as well. It's not to say that the burger and fries aren't worth it, they are, but we're also not trying to break the bank every single time we go to lunch. It's cray cray, but it's good.

Battle of Burgers

Burger King. Sorry, you've been dethroned, you're not the king. While better than McDonald's (they didn't even make the list), Burger King has a hard time stacking up against all of the others listed here. Certainly back during the burger wars of the 80's and 90's McDonalds and Burger King duked it out for bragging rights. However, they both left each other decimated and the three aforementioned burger joints came to power.

Battle of Burgers

Last but not least, homemade. Nothing beats homemade burgers. Absolutely nothing. By adding your own spices and secret ingredients (we add a little Merica Bourbon to our burgers, shh don't tell anyone) and cooking on a charcoal grill. Adding different woods depending on our mood (applewood, hickory, mesquite, etc...) we've found that no matter what any of the chains do, nothing compares to sitting down with a gigantic one-pound burger legitimately made specifically for us.Ladies and gentlemen, the homemade burger wins every single time.

Battle of Burgers
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