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Former North Koreans Taste American BBQ

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
January 17, 2017
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We see North Korea on the news a lot lately. Kim Jong Un's face typically comes into view with talk of nuclear warfare, threats to South Korea, or as the butt of a joke. (Did you know they send those threats to South Korea via fax machine?)Rarely, however, do we get a glimpse at the people who reside under the iron thumb of the totalitarian dictatorship. Images of unauthorized places and people occasionally get smuggled out of the country, but otherwise, the country remains silent, censored. The people of North Korea never are able to speak for themselves about anything, especially on a global level. That is, until they successfully escape.Two YouTube channels, DigitalSoju and Asian Boss, had already been working to bring the perspectives of Koreans and other Asians to the world. For this project, they met up with some of the former North Koreans that they knew, and gave them an experience that, under the wrong circumstances, would have resulted in their execution: eating meat.

American Barbequeue is an absolute obsession in our country. Many states have regional specialists that only serve this style of food, and it has become a part of our identity; especially in the south, you'll be judged on whose sauce you like, and how you eat the food (Pro tip: please don't put sauce on a perfectly good smokey brisket. Please). Rather than flying them all over America, the team decided to bring the sauces to them - Rudy's from Texas, Gates from Kansas City, Missouri, LawLer's from Alabama, and 12 Bones from North Carolina all came on board for the project (the 12 Bones team even flew out to Korea to see the filming take place).What might have just been another food review video quickly turns into a unique glimpse into the former lives that these people lead, and the strict rules that still govern North Korea. Each person interviewed has a different story to tell and different tastes in sauces, but they all agree on one thing: the food is really, really good.

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