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Load Up on National Pancake Day

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
September 26, 2017
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Almost as American as apple pie and baseball, pancakes are practically a national pastime of their own. Waking up to the fresh smell of maple syrup and the delicate but familiar scent of pancakes has a way of putting a smile on even the grouchiest of persons. In households across the country kids from the ages of four to ninety-nine get excited about National Pancake Day, and why shouldn’t they? Here are a few of the many great things about pancakes!You can play with your food! From stacking as high as you can, to creating all sort of pancake structures, the more you have, the more you can create! After you’re done building up a pancake fortress, you can devour it with your mighty jaws of destruction!


Throwing a bone to our folks who like to do everything bigger and better, it is encouraged socially that you eat as many pancakes at one time as you can. By contrast, throwing steak on top of steak on top of steak might get you a few weird looks, as delicious as it might be. People stop and stare at you like a deity when you’ve got a huge stack of buttermilk pancakes drenched in butter and syrup.


You can pretty much add anything you want to pancakes. Blueberries, chocolate chips and bananas are the staples. Another great thing is you can create pancakes in any shape or form. You want a dolphin pancake? Done! You want a Pikachu pancake? Say no more, we got you covered.


The versatility of the pancake has carved out a part in all of our hearts for National Pancake Day. One thing is or sure, we're not unhappy about these national food holidays! We’d challenge you to find an IHOP that wasn’t crowded on this day to prove us wrong, but we want to keep our challenges realistic. Are you having pancakes today? We're going back for seconds!

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