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Coffee vs. Energy Drink

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
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January 5, 2018
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It's the age-old battle that's lasted many months since around the time Facebook was created, Coffee vs. Energy Drinks. It's time to settle this (or not) once and for all. The method of caffeine delivery is a touchy subject for many but let's examine the pros and cons of each before casting our lot.Let's start off with the old hat coffee. It's comfortable and comforting. A good cup of coffee in the morning keeps many of us from killing or maiming our co-workers (hear that, SUSAN?). On a cold day, the hot cup of coffee keeps us warm and happy (well maybe not happy, but definitely less homicidal). Coffee has also been around for ages, it's got staying power as evidenced by its long history. Another benefit of coffee is the customization it allows for. Whether you take it black or with one cream and sugar or you choose to add a little coffee to your sugar, you can generally get coffee however you like it.

coffee vs energy drinks

Energy drinks are the newcomer to this game and despite the brief history, they've laid some serious groundwork. Have you ever been on a route clearance mission on a hot Iraqi day? You don't want to drink HOT coffee when you're already wearing fifty plus pounds of gear and it's over one hundred degrees outside and it's at night! The last thing you need is a HOT beverage. We're not saying that coffee can't be enjoyed at any time, we're saying that energy drinks can be an ice cold refreshment that packs the caffeine you need. Energy drinks in all their various forms and flavors can be packed easily and transported anywhere.

coffee vs. energy drinks

In the battle of coffee vs. energy drinks, we left out one key factor that will decide the battle. Remember how we said coffee is customizable? Bingo, you can have iced coffee, in a can just like an energy drink. The winner in this little competition is coffee. As much as we like Rip-its and Monster energy drinks, coffee has the staying power and adaptability to overcome any competitor or co-worker (Susan...).

coffee vs. energy drinks
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