steak dinner hacks
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Steak Dinner Hacks

Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
November 16, 2017
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There are few things we enjoy more than "Steak Night". We're not sure if its the primal desires in us as we throw a slab of red flesh on an open fire harkening back to the days of the hunter-gatherer societies or if it's just because it tastes so damn good. It could also be because it gives us an excuse to drink beer, you can't have steak night without beer.To make the most of your steak night, we offer these tips to help make Steak Night happen as often as you're able. The truth is, we usually don't do too much to our steaks, a little bit of rub throw it on the grill till it cooks just long enough to get some decent grill lines (we take our steaks rare, in case you wondered or wanted to make some for us, which you totally can).These marinade tips can take a wallet-friendly steak and turn it into a 5 star in as little as 12 hours (cook time included). Truthfully we like to go the full 24 hours if we're marinading the meat, but we'll do it our way and you do it yours. The key to marinading meat is the big three. What are the big three you ask? You should include an acid, herbs, and oil in any marinade you make. The acid will tenderize the meat and keep it from being too tough to chew. Herbs and spices will obviously flavor the meat so go hog wild with rosemary or basil or whatever you like. Definitely don't be afraid to experiment with different combinations or new herbs and spices as you'll probably find something REALLY good that you had no idea about. Lastly, you'll want to include an oil. The oil simply carries the flavors and prevents your meat from getting too dry. You don't want dry tough meat, you want tender meat.Go buy a steak and some beers tonight, make your own steak night tradition!

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