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Bourbiz: Are You Going?

Community Support
Community Support
Diet & nutrition 101
Diet & nutrition 101
Active Military
Active Military
October 8, 2019
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What if I told you there was an event coming up that would provide you with a lot of free resources and free alcohol? On November 14th, Grunt Style will be a presenting sponsor at Bourbiz San Antonio. This will be held at Brick in the Blue Star Arts Complex from 4-8pm. Grunt Style's CEO, Daniel Alarik, and First Sergeant, Tim Jensen, are two of the presenters at the event.As a matter of fact, tomorrow on American Grit Live, we will have Scott Davidson, co-founder of Bourbiz, and Jack Mandaville, hosting Bourbiz, on the show! Watch it here at 1pm CST!

Mil/Veteran social media

Daniel Sharp, Omar "Crispy" Avila, Celebrity White House Chef and Retired Army Master Sergeant Andre Rush, and 1st Phorm Elite Athlete Alex Zedra are just a few names on the long list of special guests in attendance. This event will be much more than just a gaggle of 'celebrity' and 'influencer' fans, however. The goal is to provide veterans, law enforcement and their spouses with networking connections across the community.Bourbiz will offer attendees specialized 'meetups' with specific companies and representatives. They will give input on resumes, transitioning out of the military, disability assistance, social media marketing and more. Not to mention the open bar through the whole event. (Yeah, we know what you all are really going for!) Seriously though, there will be a lot of great resources there ready to provide you with feedback and assistance on just about any topic you would like. Most of this community could be considered "introverted extroverts" or "extroverted introverts."Sometimes, being the most talkative while other times not saying a word, depending on the environment they are placed in. Well, we are hoping you break out and come join us. The Bourbiz event hosted earlier this year in Vegas had over 1800 registrants. We would love to see more than that in Military City, USA.


The event is completely free and as previously stated, open to the military, law enforcement community. As well as their family members and even civilian professional employers looking to network with a military audience. Register to attend here.(Note: this is not a family friendly event, you must be over 21 to attend.)

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