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Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers

July 9, 2018
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Wait a minute, wait a minute...Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers are doing something really cool together? Yes, yes they are.Well, what is it? We can't tell you. We do think you'll like it quite a bit. In fact not only do we think you'll like it, we think you'll love it.One thing we can tell you is that the spirit of American entrepreneurship has linked both companies and allowed for a really great thing to take place. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! We can't tell you what it is. We can tell you to watch American Chopper next week on the Discovery Channel. Why? You'll find out. Stop asking the question we've already told you we can't answer. We can tell you this though, by now certainly, many of you have seen our Orange County Chopper T-Shirts online.You haven't? Why not? You're busy. What do you mean you're busy? We're all busy, that's ok we'll show you the way. Click HERE.Trust us though, you're going to want to see American Chopper next week. If you can't watch it live, you should definitely record it and watch it.

Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers

Stop asking us what it is, we've already told you more than we probably should. Just kidding we didn't say too much, Jerry, from legal has been standing over our shoulder this entire time. Also, Jerry doesn't like being named, but he's totally cool as long as we don't tell you anything else about what Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers are doing together. Aside from the fact that if you love America you'll love it.Jerry almost fainted because he thought we were going to spill the beans on whats going to happen on the episode of American Choppers airing on July 16th on the Discovery Channel. Jerry says we have to wrap this up before we accidentally say more than we're allowed too. Tune in to the Discovery Channel on July 16th at 10 pm (EST) to watch the totally rad, awesome, all-American thing that will happen between Grunt Style and Orange County Choppers!

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