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Guardian Group Now Hiring Vets

February 16, 2018
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All of the veterans we know are hard-charging men and women with a purpose and drive the likes of which cannot be quantified or measured. Their drive is only surpassed by their compassion and devotion to protecting the innocent and fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Enter the Guardian Group. This dedicated “team of teams,” made up of veterans, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals, track down human sex traffickers and identifies and exposes their networks with a vengeance. Utilizing connections and assets in conjunction with law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, ATF, and DoHS, Guardian Group works to bring all the special skills our Veterans learned during their time in service to bear on sex traffickers. Guardian Group, compliments resource constrained law enforcement, ensuring sex trafficking safe havens are disrupted and eliminated.Currently, Guardian Group is operating in more than 20 states, cultivating strategic partnerships with world-class organizations that understand the social and business benefits of tackling this exponentially increasing social injustice, and training the staffs of hundreds of hotels and other at-risk institutions to recognize the victims and risk factors involved in sex-trafficking.

Guardian Group

We've come a long way since our ancestors lived in caves and exercised very little care for their fellow human beings. With so much progress being made in human rights and ensuring the safety of the oppressed or downtrodden, there is still one area that needs to be hit and hit hard. Guardian Group is doing just that. When you have men and women who hunted down the most dangerous terrorists in the world chasing these cowardly sex-traffickers, it's only a matter of time before the good guys get the win. Join in Grunt Style's support of this noble and righteous cause by getting your Grunt Style Limited Guardian Group shirt. Every shirt purchased allows Guardian Group to have more resources to end human trafficking and this human rights epidemic.BUY A SHIRT HERE!!!

Guardian Group
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