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Hi, Mom!

May 12, 2018
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Hi mom, we're doing fine, we know you'll still call to check up on us as you always do. No matter how old we get, you're still there, teaching, encouraging and loving us. We know that we've made some decisions in life that didn't make you mad, only disappointed, we know that you expected better of us and although we may have laughed at the time, we really don't want to let you down.Hi mom, life is weird without your watchful eye. We left the house so very young and struck out on our own. Taking in the world and all the adventure it had to offer, yet we knew we could always come home to you. Something about a mother like you emboldened us to venture forth into the great unknown and learn and grow, knowing that we could always call you and vent to you our greatest fears, our failures, but also our hopes and dreams.Hi mom, we're not quite sure what to say that hasn't already been said for the multitude of years we've existed on this planet. Time and time again you've been a constant, a powerful force that is quintessentially understated because of the gentleness of your heart. While sometimes our actions or your imperfections lead you to react less than perfect, we never doubted that you loved us. Somehow we always knew just what you were trying to accomplish.Hi mom, we love you. We wouldn't be who we are today without you. Thank you for showing us what to look for in a wife, a mother and role model. We are so proud to be your sons and daughters. We are so blessed to have mothers like you that never quit, and love unconditionally. You've done so much that we don't know how we can repay you, except by loving you and sharing with you how much you mean to us.Hi mom, happy Mother's Day.

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