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Leaked: Corvette ZR1

November 9, 2017
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The new Corvette ZR1 has been leaked. Corvettes from all eras are a thing of beauty to behold. The lines are elegant and graceful, yet sleek and powerful. Every new Corvette offers something new and beautiful for enthusiasts across the globe. It is the iconic American car.With the new Corvette ZR1 leak, people are buzzing over the jump in horsepower. The Z06 model packed a nice 650 hp and 650 ft/lbs of torque as well. The one to one ratio made the Z06 a dream to drive, the feel of raw horsepower and torque is utter ecstasy. Although the torque wasn't released on the ZR1, many people are speculating that it will have the same one to one ratio of horsepower and torque.Another big change is the massive carbon fiber rear spoiler. Hopefully, it's not just for looks and some actual science was done before greenlighting the addition of such a massive wing.With a revamped body design, this new iteration of an American exotic sports car looks downright evil. When placed next to a Lamborghini or Ferrari with the sharp and aggressive angles, these once sought after cars can't hold a candle to the new Corvette ZR1.It doesn't matter if you're a Ford, Mopar or GM guy, the truth of the matter is that if you like cars, then you should absolutely love this new Corvette ZR1. It is a sight to behold in person and we're certain it'd be even more fun to drive if they allowed us to drive it that is. Bold, aggressive and stylish keeping with the tradition of the very first Corvette the new ZR1 seems to diametrically oppose itself. It breaks the mold on all previous Corvette models, but still reflects the heritage going back to the very first 1953 Corvette. If you get a chance to check this beast of a car out, we definitely suggest you do and maybe hand us the keys for a few laps. We won't break it, we swear (but you may need new tires).

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